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Thread: Looking for a MINI Clubman automatic

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    Looking for a MINI Clubman automatic

    So, here's a new thing......

    I'm a lifelong mini fan, but I've never really looked at MINIs , but my wife is learning to drive in an automatic, so we need to change the family car (well, it needs changed anyway) and shopping around there is an awful lot of porridge about!

    The only thing we've seen with any personality but enough space is the Clubman.

    We'd want a 5 seater, auto, Probably Cooper, budget looks to be suitable for a 2008/9 car with reasonable milage

    Seems there are not many, maybe half a dozen, on autotrader across the UK, so does anyone on here know of any, or have any suggestions of MINI forums or other places to look?

    I have a couple of local dealers keeping an ear to the ground



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    It might be a bit late but if your still looking for a Clubman then stay away from the petrol engines or any petrol engine from a generation 2 Mini as they are crap. The diesels on the 2nd generation's are bulletproof.
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